Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Backyard Burial...

Yesterday, I took the kids out back to swim and immediately heard, "MOMMY...there's a lizard in the pool!  It's ALIVE!!  We have to save it!"  We scrambled around the backyard to get the net, and then to try to get the lizard out of the water.  I'm sure it was quite a scene...
The poor guy wasn't very responsive when we took him out of the water.  I think he was pretty water logged.  I'm not sure how long he had been in the pool to be being with.
So the girls kept watch on him...like little nurses!  Swimming for a few minutes then checking on him.
For a few minutes, we had some hope that he might make it.  He started taking breaths again, popped his eyes open and we could see him moving around a little.

But unfortunately..."Larry" did not make it and it was his time to GO!  
So the girls decided they wanted to have a funeral for him.  They found a crayon box for his coffin!
And they dug the hole!
And the made a cross!
And yes...even a headstone!

We gave "LARRY THE LIZARD" a proper burial in our backyard flowerbed!

Unfortunately, having two dogs...who could sniff out a dead lizard buried, he was unearthed and eaten before anyone even realized it! YES...the girls freaked out quite a bit! Regardless, we know that the lizard was DEAD and we did everything we could to put him to rest at peace.


Social said...

Oh my goodness. This is sweet, but morbidly humorous at the same time. I did laugh a little at the dogs sniffing him out...I know that's bad....please don't judge me! LOL! Cute post!

@somerskys said...

Good Morning Courtney! You are raising such FANTASTIC CHILDREN, this picture of them being lil doctors,nurses whatever, people that help other people, was so priceless and precious It made me shed some tears at how wonderful they are, I know this is because they have such wonderful compassionate Mom and Dad.