Friday, August 10, 2012

A Day Full O' SPIDERS!!

Today has just been a day full of SPIDERS!!  

As I'm vacuuming the house today, I close a door and find, right behind the door (in the laundry room) a huge spider and nice big web...that I immediately sucked up with the hose of the vacuum (knee jerk reaction), yes...both the spider and web!!

TO SAY THE LEAST...I am terrified of SPIDERS!!

Then, we go out to swim and I'm watering my little palm trees on the patio and guess what pops out of the eaves?  A BLACK WIDOW!!  No joke!!  I holler for the oldest to come, get a shoe on and squish it for me as I rinse it onto the sidewalk...FREAKING OUT, all the while...ON THE INSIDE!!  Of course, I kept my "A GAME" on for the kids...but I was in pure panic mode!  I had flashbacks to being a little girl, riding her bike out of the garage and having a big ol' black widow drop onto my shoulder.  YES...there was screaming, flailing and ultimately, a little girl falling off her bike, scraping her knees and elbows and thankfully avoiding a bite...but totally FREAKED OUT!
Finally, my husband walks in the front door from work tonight carrying a coffee cup with a Sparkletts cup taped on top.  What's might ask yourself?
A HUGE Tarantula!!  SERIOUSLY!!  The sucker was big...and was climbing the side of the cup!  FREAK ME the heck out!!  EEEKKKKK!~

Thankfully...he took care of that "BIG BOY" for me...but what a day!!  Not sure I can take seeing another fuzzy, multi-legged creature in or around my house tonight!


Social said...

Um.....YUCK!!! I don't like spiders or scorpions!!! This looks much worse than a scorpion!!!

@somerskys said...

Hey good Saturday to u arent u glad its not so hot today i am, I am by the ocean so it was never really hot but more like yucky!! ANYWAYS I AM SOO WITH U I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!!! WITH A PASSION!!!!! and ps i am really afraid of them, also!!:')