Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Kind Of "MINT" - #WIN It And Try It!

We are a family that love mints!  Yes, even the kids love the HEAT and Pure Refreshment of some minty hard candy!
We received both the:

and the

I tried both, and honestly I enjoy the Raspberry one the best...though I did enjoy the Strawberry as well!  They are interesting in flavor, because you can taste the fruity...but also the MINTY!  It's like a flavor blast in your mouth!

To celebrate the launch, Ice Breakers is asking  their fans which characteristic  (cool or fruity)  best fits your personality  Fans can head to the Ice Breakers Facebook page  to have your Facebook profile analyzed and determine if you are "sweet as a puppy parade" or  "cool as a cucumber". While on the page, you can listen to custom Ice Breakers Duo Pandora stations, vote on their favorite songs and 'Duo' your profile pictures by combining your sweet or cool side with that of a friend’s!

Would you be interested in trying these news Ice Breakers Duo Mints?  

You can enter this giveaway below to receive both the Strawberry & Raspberry as well, so you can taste test them out and see which one you like better!


I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


Debbie said...

Raspberry sounds best to me!

Crissy Durst said...


Jackie said...

Both sound good...but I'd love to try the Raspberry first!
Thank you!

mrsshukra said...


Jenny said...


jenmalonee said...


jennifer marie

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eclairre said...


Anonymous said...

Rapeberry. Patricia

Anna F said...


katja9_10 said...


Les Johnson

lilyk said...

I think I would like Raspberry better.