Friday, August 10, 2012

"Back To School" Fashions - She's Wearing "Soffe" and Loving It!

Our oldest daughter is a NO NONSENSE dresser!  She's not a frilly, pink and sparkly little girl!  This child loves to wear clothes that are comfortable and casual...all the time!  It's killer trying to get her ready for church some Sunday mornings because of her casual sense of dress!
Regardless, we were offered the opportunity to check out the clothing line from Soffe...which is totally up her alley!  SHE had a hard time picking what pieces she wanted, because most of what they carry is TOTALLY her!
She managed to simplify it down to two pieces that meant more to her than just CLOTHES!!  There was a mission behind these pieces.
And it struck her...these clothes had more meaning than just being comfortable, cute or trendy!  A little girl's life and wishes were being fulfilled in this clothing line!!  How cool is that?
She loved these clothes!  The pants are super soft inside and the tee fit her perfectly!  PLUS...these are her new school's COLORS!  She'll look adorable, be spreading a message of "HOPE" and also be right on target for her schools SPIRIT DAYS this coming year!  LOVE IT!
And funny enough...she noticed, right after we took pictures of her new outfit, that I was wearing a Soffe brand "OHIO STATE" t-shirt today too!  I love their clothes as well!

CHECK OUT the entire line of Soffe Clothing for the whole family (CLICK HERE)!  They have things for everyone in your crew!

I was not paid to feature this post! I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!