Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Back To School" ~ I Bought All Of This...FOR Under $20 At "ThredUp"!

Back to School shopping is expensive!!  Especially with the more kids and the older the kids are!  It's amazing how much, a mommy can spend, trying to outfit her kids for clothing for the school year!  SERIOUSLY!!  But honestly, that's why I love second hand shopping!  Goodwill & Salvation Army are a couple of my favorites...

But now, I can shop ONLINE and still find amazing deals on second hand clothing through:
I had the opportunity to spend $20 (a gift certificate sent on behalf of the company for this review/feature) and I was amazed and super excited about what I was able to get for that, it arrived SUPER QUICK too!
I bought a complete JUSTICE brand outfit (see the middle), and two other Disney tees for only $18.96!    One of the shirts even has tags on it still (it's brand new)!  SERIOUSLY!!  
That Justice outfit alone would have cost at least $50 at Justice and these pieces of clothing are pre-shrunk and very, very gently worn.  LOVE IT!!
If you've got kids to "BACK TO SCHOOL" shop for...please head over and at least check out the huge selection of gently used clothing from newborn sizes - on up, from ThredUP!  You might be surprised how much you can get for little $$...and your kids will be smiling like mine where when they see what all you got them for their new school year!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was only compensated by receiving a $20 gift certificate to shop in their online store!