Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Being Tanned Feels So Good!

BEING HOME again (back in California) has not only been good for my soul...but my skin color too!  
Since we have been spending an awful lot of time outside at the pool (everyday), the kids and I have managed to get amazing tans!  Plus, all of my freckles have popped back out on my face!  
Cute as can be...this is the first tan that our little ones have ever gotten...
I ACTUALLY have "tan lines" too!  I forgotten how fun they are!

Keep in mind...I've slathered the kids & myself up with sunscreen (NO SUNBURNS HERE), so we are getting "TANNED" the safe way (and not by tanning's all thanks to MR. SUN)...but I think (no, I know) the Vitamin D (and see the sun shine everyday) is doing me a whole lot of GOOD!  MOMMY is a happy girl being HOME again!