Friday, August 3, 2012

Could He Be More Photogenic?

Our new puppy TROOPER is just adorable!!  I can't stop snapping pictures of him...because I know this cute PUPPY stage won't last forever and soon he'll be a mature, strong male dog!
(he's taking a liking to the sprinklers...guess we have a "water dog" on our hands)
What I can't get over is how the camera loves him so much!!
He is still adjusting to his new BIG SISTER (and she is adjusting too)...but they seem to really enjoy each other!  I've even seen them playing "tug o' war" a time or two with toys...which made us all giggle.
We are so happy to have TROOPER as part of our already "character filled" family!  So far, he has not had a single "ACCIDENT" in the house and seems to be adjusting to living in our home...quite perfectly!  Not sure we could have gotten a better "new buddy" for our oldest son and four legged companion for Jade!