Thursday, August 2, 2012


Being a Christian is a challenge sometimes (okay, almost all the time)!  Especially in the world we currently live in.  Every move we make, is under the microscope & temptation is EVERYWHERE!  
People are watching you!!  You who "CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN".  They are looking to find fault!  They are looking to see you stumble!  They are looking to see you point a FINGER, when you have no right to!  They are looking to find a reason to not BELIEVE in the grace and love of our LORD!!  PROVE them wrong!!

This song is AWESOME!!  Please listen to the words!!
Let your life be the PROOF!!  
It will speak louder than anything else...


@somerskys said...

This is sooo true LET UR LOVE BE PROOF! GR8 SONG TO SISTER! i was in the hospital yesterday so i couldnt read ur WONDERFUL BLOG:') since the brain surgery i had for a brain hemmorage i have had the challenge of seizures which are so bad at times i have to go to the hospital, BUT THANK GOD FOR A GODLY HUSBAND!! WHO HAS BEEN BY MY SIDE WITH THE WORD OF GOD, AND MY HUSBANDS TRUE LOVE FOR 17 YEARS AFTER THIS BRAIN HEMMORRAGE I can really say and agree LET UR LOVE BE PRROF! yes love u sis! AND LOVE UR BLOG!!!!!!:') oh the doctors HELPED ME SO I AM FINE AND GOOD TODAY!! HAVA WONDERFUL CALIFORNIA DAY 1tsetse