Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It was a two day process for me to get the kids registered for their new school!   We went yesterday morning and realized that there were already a large crowd of other parents, waiting to get their kids registered too.  After spending 45 minutes just "WAITING", the kids had reached their patience limit and mommy got the packets to fill out and we headed back to the van.  Talk about a lot of paperwork too!  Three kids, three different grades, almost all the same information, but has to be hand, on three sets of paperwork.  YIKES!!

Thankfully, I managed to get it completed yesterday and this morning, we went in and officially got everything set up for them to start school on the 21st!  WOOHOO!!  I am so excited!  I think they are too!  Ha Ha!

The only downfall for me this year...there are NO BUSES in our area!  SERIOUSLY?  So, this will be a first...because I will have not only drive all three kids to school, but pick them up every afternoon...EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week.  CRAZINESS!!  I'm spoiled to just ushering them out the door in the morning and then having them come inside when the bus drops off in the afternoon.  This should be interesting!  Especially when we have a high schooler, a middle schooler (or two) and one at the elementary...thinking towards the future.  Guess that's where carpooling will come in handy?

Any advice?  
Do you live in a town where there are no buses either?  
How do you deal?  
I'd love to hear your tips and thoughts!

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tcoop said...

WELCOME To California.. Lol .. WE have no buses either the walk, ride a bike or dad takes them.. We live .8 to 1.1 miles to the school depending on how you map it- walking riding or driving!

tcoop said...

oops didnt mean to put WE so big :)

wildcat32 said...

We have buses, but I always take my kids and pick up. There is a 45 minute difference between when the elementary and high school let out. I always bring a good book for me to read and snacks for the younger kids to eat while we wait for the oldest.