Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our "AMERICAN GIRL" Movie Party Last Night..."McKenna - Shoots For the Stars"

As you know, we received a huge box of awesome American Girl Craft products last week...and my girls had a hay day diving in to all the projects and fun.  One of the kits we got was a "PARTY" the girl's could invite their friends to come watch the new American Girl Movie "McKenna - Shoots for the Stars".  
Funny enough...the movie itself (the DVD), was not included in box of things that the girls begged and pleaded their daddy to buy them the movie, so we could host a party and use this "party kit" that came!  
Of course, how could he say no??
So last night, we had our neighbors (mom and daughter of course) over to eat dinner (on American Girl decorated paper plates and cups), to swim for a little while and then for the movie premiere!  We had a blast!  The girls (and the mommies too) loved this adorable & inspiring story.  The life lessons taught in the movie were ones my girls will not soon forget!  It's funny how impressionable they can be, especially with products like AMERICAN GIRL stuff.  I am so glad that American Girl is trying to help girls achieve the best in themselves!  That sometimes life is hard & a struggle, but we can still work hard to reach our goals in life.  

I not only recommend the American Girl Craft Kits (we have had way to much fun with them), but this was our first time watching an American Girl movie...and I am certain we will be buying more, so we recommend the movies as well!  

Like I said before...we are raising "AMERICAN GIRLS", what about you?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!