Friday, August 24, 2012

They Made It Through Their FIRST WEEK!!

I am so proud of my kids!
Moving cross country, being new to a school, having to adjust to new rules, new people, new drop off/pick up plans, etc... has not prevented my kids from having an amazing first week of school.
Monday, we had orientation and got a tour of the campus...and Tuesday, they were on their own!  SCHOOL WAS BACK IN SESSION!
I'm happy to report that all three kids made friends, had lots of good stories to tell about their days, and seem to really like being a part of this new community of students at their new school!  

On the flip side, our little guy is a little lost during the day...just hanging out with mommy all day long!  Not saying he's complaining, cause he loves the extra attention he's been getting...but it's awful quiet, compared to the summertime NOISE and DRAMA, in the house during the day now!  

All in all, I am praising GOD for a good first week at school!  So, so, so very thankful!