Monday, August 20, 2012

This "HIGH CHAIR COVER" Is A MUST HAVE - The Neatnik Saucer

Oh man...thinking back on all the times we have taken our kids out to restaurants...makes me chuckle!  It never stopped us from going out, however...I was always embarrassed when we got ready to leave and always tried to pick up the floor, before we left the restaurant.  This often embarrassed my husband!  It never failed that our children managed to get more of their dinner on the floor of the establishment than in their mouths!  If you're a parent, I am sure (absolutely certain) you can relate...right?

 So what's a parent to do?  Never go out to eat, until your child is capable of hitting their mouth every time?  NO WAY!  I have a product, that every "NEW PARENT" should be gifted with when they are they have it to take along to dinners out.  It will help make the time spent out, pleasant and more manageable and clean-up-able than ever before!!
I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THIS PRODUCT before my kids were to old!  But I can't wait to gift my family and friends with this product, to make their lives a little bit easier & more enjoyable!
It's awesome, because it folds up to go in your diaper bag (and even has a wipe pocket).  It's lightweight, fits almost all restaurant style high chairs and keeps your child's food where it needs to be...and not on the floor! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

CLICK HERE to see all the different styles (we received  The Chicago  for this review/feature) and get your NeatNik Saucer ordered today...either for you or as a gift for a new/expecting parent!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


cookie said...

Thanks so very much for your kind words! - We love sharing the Neatnik with the world and your review will help us get the word out! - Very best wishes, Cookie and Danielle