Monday, August 6, 2012

We're Raising American Girls - AND WE LOVE "American Girl" Crafts!

Having two girls is fun!  I love being girly with my girls!  I love doing projects, crafts, teaching them how to sew, etc.  Paper dolls, doing puzzles, scrapbooking, etc. is also fun entertainment for us "AMERICAN GIRLS".  
Can I just tell girls were beyond thrilled, when a huge package of "AMERICAN GIRL" Crafts arrived for us to tell you about!  

Can't you tell from the looks on their faces??
The first project we started on was the Color Coded Friendship Bracelet Kit.  This kit came with all the supplies to make "EXTRA SPECIAL" bracelets for them to create for themselves and their friends to wear.  Each string represents a different "POSITIVE" characteristic and the girls had fun making their own designs.  I loved making these types of bracelets when I was, of course, I got to help out too.
Then, our youngest daughter (who loves to play with dolls and play dress up), immediately took to the Paper Doll set.  Of course, this made me reminiscent of my childhood days as well.  My sister and I spent hours playing PAPER DOLLS when we were little too.  It comes in a great folder to keep everything neat and organized and she has had a blast dressing her doll in all different outfits, with all different accessories.  Unlike the ones we played with when we were little...these PAPER DOLLS have sticky tabs to dress and re-dress the paper doll with.
Our oldest daughter loved the Sew & Stuff hamster pillow SEWING KIT!  She dived in and got it started!  This kit is definitely a kit for older "AMERICAN GIRLS", because it's pretty labor intensive.  She really had to concentrate on her sewing, focus on threading the needle, etc.  What a fun kit!
I haven't done a puzzle in years, so I was extremely excited to work a few with my "AMERICAN GIRLS".  We had a blast, finding all the edges and filling it in as we went.  There's just a sense of satisfaction when the puzzle is "COMPLETED" too.  This was a great way for us to spend time together, chatting as we worked...looking for just the right pieces to go in just the right places.
With all the kits we received, we'll be finishing out the summer...the "AMERICAN GIRL" crafts way!  Busy with sorts of fun girly things for us to do!

Do you have an "AMERICAN GIRLS" that live in your house?  These "AMERICAN GIRL" Craft kits come highly recommended by both me & my girls!  CLICK HERE to check out all the kits!  (Just a'll be overwhelmed by all the options)  We had a blast doing the projects!  We loved how they came out!  It gave us quality time to spend together and I'm pretty certain that most girls in the US right now have a sweet spot for "AMERICAN GIRL" products.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!