Monday, August 6, 2012

Who's Excited About Monday - Prayer Requests And Praises??

It's been awhile since I've offered...and really...even since I've vlogged, so this morning...I AM DOING BOTH!!
Please comment below if you have a prayer request or praise this morning, so I (and our other readers too) can lift up in prayer today!  Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is praying brings some relief and positive energy as well! I believe in the power of prayer and I've posted about it before...but when you ask me to pray for you, I DO IT!!  

So rest assured...if you leave a comment, you will be prayed over this morning!
Be blessed today and know that, even if you're not leaving a comment below...I am praising the LORD for each and every one of you today!


Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney!! I have a prayer request and praise. I am 16 weeks pregnant. (praise) I am having really bad headaches that regular Tylenol isn't helping. So my prayer request is relief from these headaches. Thank you!!

@somerskys said...

Good Morning Courtney!!! please Anonymous I KNOW THAT PRAYER WORKS I KNOW IT DOES I AM A BRAIN HEMMORAGE SURVIOUR who wasnt suppose to servive BUT! BCAUSE OF PRAYER I AM! BUT I ALSO PRAISE GOD HE SENT ME GOOD BRAIN SURGONS! BECAUSE OF PRAYING FOR AN ANSWER. SO please Anonymous go to emergency to see why u are having hese bad headaches? I just prayed for the headaches to stop and for GOD to let u know what else to do, believe me GOD will direct u LOVE ALL OF COURTNEYS FOLLOWERS!!