Friday, September 7, 2012

COSTUMES - CHECK! Thanks @Petsmart For Our Little GNOME!

Yes...I am "THAT MOM"!  The one that loves family pictures with everyone wearing matching, coordinating outfits.  The one that loves props, the perfect background or backdrop and in the end...a true "wall hanger".  

I am also the mom that loves to play "dress up" (only sometimes) with my dogs!  They are my babies too...after all!  

What better reason to play "dress up" with them...than Halloween?  
This is Trooper's first Halloween with our family and I couldn't resist this adorable PetHalloween™ by Top Paw™ Plush Gnome Costume.  I mean, after all...who wouldn't love seeing their little puppy dressed up like an adorable little yard gnome?  
This outfit (we got a medium) was a bit snug for him already!  I am glad they are having me do this you know to order accordingly to your pet.  He's 22 pounds right now...and still growing at only 13 weeks old.  I figured a medium would be totally fine, but I had a really hard time getting his ears to stay inside the hat and it was just, all around, snug.  BUT SUPER DUPER cute too!
I think you have to consider your "dog type" too.  I didn't take into consideration that Trooper's ears would have to be put inside the hat.  And since his are rather large and very was a task and one that I wouldn't subject him to for much longer than a few pictures be taken.  He didn't like it much at all!  

BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU...this outfit is ADORABLE!  It's made well and is super plush and soft.  If only he hadn't grown so quickly...I know this would have been the perfect "dress up" outfit for him on October 31st.

They have way more than just this adorable PetHalloween™ by Top Paw™ Plush Gnome Costume, so please, CLICK HERE to see their entire selection of adorable costumes (at great prices...I might add) that you can get for your four legged friend for Halloween!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


Dovey said...

That was really nice costumes for dogs dogs. I really like it so much, thanks for sharing a information about dogs costumes and they color are pretty much better.

faschings kostüm said...

I definitely agree that Halloween is the perfect time for your pets to get dressed-up. I witnessed several pet shows wherein the dogs and cats are dressed fabulously!