Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm As Bad As The Kids...

I can't help it...I get excited when Friday arrives!  


Not only because we have two days, that I don't have to get up early (though that is typical regardless), fight to get three others up (when they don't want to), pack lunches, get people's hair fixed in a hurry, feed breakfast in an organized manner and then load up the mini van to drive them off & drop them off at school...

Not only because I don't have to watch the clock in the afternoon, to make sure that I leave the house at the right time to avoid the HUGE traffic jam that occurs at the school, to pick up my three school goer's up...

BUT MAINLY because it means that, for the next two days, we are HOMEWORK FREE!

Seriously, having three kids in school (only to be four next year), I feel like I am currently going through 1st grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade...all over again.  I'm helping with math, I'm helping with science, I'm helping with language arts, I'm giving three spelling tests on Thursday night (for their tests on Friday), etc.  You get the idea!  This idea of being "HOMEWORK FREE" for two days delights me, almost as much as it delights the kids...who are already burnt out from it...only a short few weeks into the school year.


So TGIF - Thank Goodness It's Friday!  
Enjoy your homework free weekend at your house too!