Friday, September 7, 2012


The Nap-Time Era!

Can you hear the desperation in my post?  My last little guy is four years old!  And he's fighting it...big time!  I know it won't be long before the fighting won't be worth it anymore and I'll have to give in to allowing him to stay awake and no longer mandate nap time!

I'm so sad!  Seriously!!  My last of four kids who won't be snuggled up next to me, in some manner, snoozing away, while I listen & enjoy the complete and total silence for a few minutes a day!

I'm not sure I am ready for this to be my "LAST"...but I have no choice and that is a good thing!  I guess you could say I am in a little bit of DENIAL over it all!

So pray for me!  Pray for my sanity!  Pray for my sadness of no longer having a baby, toddler or even napper in my home!  Just pray for me! 

As this mommy says goodbye to...NAP TIME!


@somerskys said...

Hi i just did pry for ur PEACE with this NAP transition! believe me our FATHER listens and is understanding of even what we think is small to HIM it isnt cause to him we are like little cuddle bugs and HE wants to see us HAPPY AND AT PEACE so just watch the peace and happiness come ouver ur person :"D PRAYER WORKS! oh yes ut does!!!!!