Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes I Just Have To "SHAKE MY HEAD"...

Today, as you know, is my 34th birthday!  Isn't it funny how birthday's are just "DIFFERENT" as you get older!  They are still a celebration (of sorts), but not quite in the same way they were when you are little.

This morning started out early (as usual ), came downstairs to get three kids ready for school, one child ready to run errands with me, and one puppy ready to head to the vet for his "DE-MANNING" surgery.  Got everyone loaded in the van, dropped off the three kids at school, prevented the puppy from escaping as they got out, and headed to the vet.

That's when things got interesting.  At the signal, I turned around to see TROOPER dropping a HUGE LOAD in the very back of the mini van.  It was all over his leash and he proceeded to run through it as he hopped onto the seat, as we started moving again.  Immediately, the smell overwhelmed me and the little guy.  It was a total gag fest, which turned into a puke fest for my poor four year old.


We arrived at the vet with all the windows rolled down and I wiped Trooper's leash off enough to get him into the vet.  I borrowed some spray, some paper towels and de-pooped & de-puked the mini van, so we could drive without puking anymore and get the rest of our errands ran this morning.

Strapped the little guy back in the car, headed to the Dollar Tree and bought my little guy a birthday balloon (I promised him I would buy him a balloon for my birthday), so he could help me celebrate my birthday!  He was happy as a clam and after seeing his smile, it instantly brought some sunshine back into my morning too.

Got home and finished off the early morning with a phone call from my sister...who burst out in tears, mid conversation.  Our parents dog (who she has been watching for the past couple weeks while they are visiting my Grandma in MO) passed away last night in her arms.  She apologized for crying about it on my birthday...but I just had to laugh (cause I was tearing up too)!


So thankful to have another year full of MOMMY comedy and smiles from my kids!  
Hope your day is full of SUNSHINE and RAINBOWS today too!


Erica Bodker said...

Happy Birthday :) and so sorry about moms dog... Have a great day tho :)