Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Truth About FUNDRAISING - From A Mommy Of Four!

It has happened twice this school year already...and it's only the third week of school.  SERIOUSLY??  I drive up to the school to pick up my 3 school goers and I see three very excited faces waiting to jump into the van and explode with excitement about what they have in their backpacks.  

Of course, to them, it's all about the AWESOME prizes they can win if they sell a certain amount...which to them, doesn't seem like much at all.

It's times like this, that I would like to have a meeting with the school and explain I have to tactically DE-WIRE (because they have been prompted and prodded to be excited about what they can win at the assembly when they announce this fundraiser and get the kids all excited & wired up) them!  

This is really not fair to the parents or the kids!

It goes something like this:
THE KIDS - "Mommy...guess what?  We are doing a fundraiser at school!  There is so much to choose from!  We can win lots of awesome prizes!"  "Can we do it??"
ME - "Guys...I understand you're excited about the things you can win, but since there is three of you...selling the same products, wanting to win the same prizes, and only one of us adults in the home that WORK outside the home (so he can take it to work to sell too), it is impossible for us to be able to make this fair for each of you!"  "Therefore...I cannot allow you to participate!"
THE KIDS - "WAAAAHHHH!"  "You never let us do anything fun!"  "WHY CAN'T WE?"  "You're Just MEAN!"  "Dad Will Let Us!"
ME - "Guys, I understand you're disappointed, but there is no way this can be fair!"  "So I cannot support you doing it!"  "I would rather write a check to the school district to help pay for whatever they are raising money for...then have to put you guys through this over and over again!"
THE KIDS -  "WAAAAHHHH!"  "You never let us do anything fun!"  "WHY CAN'T WE?"  "You're Just MEAN!"  "Dad Will Let Us!"
ME - " can ask your dad about it!"  "I don't want to hear anything more about it though or see anything!"

UGHHHH!  Seriously?  As if there isn't enough drama everyday over the State Standards & laws for HOMEWORK (our 5th grader is required by California to have 1 hr of homework and 30 minutes of reading a night...and that's just one of the three that have homework every night) I have to deal with kids who HATE ME, because I am not supporting them in winning an awesome "JUNK" prize that will be broken within a week!  REALLY??

Do you let your kids do fundraisers?  
Is there more than one kid in your home?  
How do you juggle it?  
Am I being a bad parent in not letting them participate...when I can see it becoming even more of a disappointment and issues if we did try to do it?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated at all by posting about this frustration!


Monicas Mom Musings said...

I do let me kids do fundraisers for the most part. I don't promise anything on my part though as far as getting them to a certain number of prizes and warn them that if we don't get to their goal there's not much we can do. It's especially different when you have kids in more than one school so you are dealing with fundraisers in multiple schools. Just so you know the PTA appreciates those donations very much ;).

Ashley H. said...

THANKFULLY, I only have one child in school, but I am currently dealing with a fundraiser. He is 6 and I don't want him going door to door, so I took the stuff to work. He has to sell EIGHTEEN $15 tubs of cookie dough to get his Hummer Pizza Party (along with four extra pieces of "junk" that will be rewarded with that will be broken and strung around the house within a week.) I want to give him what he wants, but at the same time, I'm not going to allow him (or myself) to impose on my neighbors and coworkers....and I'm not buying 38,000 calories of sweetness either. You could always try to have people fill out a homemade order form and then equally distribute the names among the kids.

Shannon said...

Is there a way they could pool their resources together? Say they agree on a prize and then all the collections go on one kid's form. Or they see how much they can get all together and then each picks out one small prize? This is probably wishful thinking, but maybe it will help with cooperation among the ranks? With some predetermined ground rules, of course. ;)