Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CHECK OUT These New "Harper Collins Children's" Books!

As you know, we are a family that loves BOOKS!!  And since reading is so very important for our kids...I love finding books that my kids will WANT TO read!!

We received a stack of books, just released from Harper Collins Children's, that I am very excited to tell you about!  These would make wonderful presents or Christmas presents too!
Splat the Cat makes his friend Seymour the Mouse (who is actually feel quite under the weather) a book about all the nice things that Seymour has done for him...in hopes of making him smile, and simply to say THANK YOU!  This adorable book will have your kids in a hurry to get to the end, to see if the book really did make Seymour the Mouse SMILE!
This book is ideal for ages 4-8
In true "Mo Willems" fashion, this traditional fairytale is brought to life when Mama Dinosaur, Papa Dinosaur and Dinosaur visiting from Norway decide to clean up their home, make their beds, make pudding and then leave their home.  Meanwhile Goldilocks makes her entrance...YOUR KIDS will love this hilarious book and twisted story!
This book is ideal for ages 4-8
This four book collection will have your girls even more in LOVE with Fancy Nancy than they were before!  
This set is ideal for ages 4-8
This adorable story, about Penny the mouse, will have your girls excited to find out what she finally decides to name the new baby doll she receives from her Grandma.
This book is ideal for ages 4-8
This adorable book shares "Frankie's" firsts:
Riding her Bike
Her new Dog
Making new Friends
Helping her Dad Out
And learning that trying new things is how she grows!
This book is idea for ages 4-8

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!


Dumb Mom said...

We've not purchased a new children's picture book in years. We have so many. And, I spend most of our kid book budget on #1 and his novels. We really need to start going to the library again!