Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chicken Soup For The Soul - Hope And Healing For Your Breast Cancer Journey

It's OCTOBER...which means that it's BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!  It's amazingly sad to me, but true, that almost every single person has been affected in some way or another by BREAST CANCER.  It's either a friend, a family member, or someone related to someone who has been emotional touched by a story or experience of someone fighting BREAST CANCER!!

But what about WOMEN who are actually LIVING through it?  

This book is excellent emotional and medical support...from women who have already been there.  It offers medical information and proven tips from a doctor who, herself, is a breast cancer survivor.  

It offers tips for:
Navigating through the diagnosis
Building your healthcare team
Assembling your emotional support - family, friends, support groups, and more
Practical tips and ways to stay positive during and after treatment
Living in the cancer world and the real world at the same time
Healing yourself - physically and emotionally
Feeling beautiful and enjoying life after a cancer diagnosis.

CLICK HERE to order your friend, family member or even yourself (if you're going through this) a copy of this encouraging book!

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