Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costume Sneak Peek...Wanna See??

Halloween is tomorrow and our kids are so excited to go show off their cool Costumes!
We have an 80's girl!  Like Totally...
We have a Leopard Kitty...HISS!
And...Buzz Lightyear!  Adventure is his middle name!

Are you wondering where the oldest is, with his costume?  I knew this day was coming eventually...but he's only 11!  He decided that this year, he doesn't want to dress up and trick-or-treat this year.  

What age did your kids STOP dressing up to trick-or-treat?
Did they ever stop?
Are you an adult that still loves to get creative at Halloween and dress the part?

I hope you all have a safe & blessed time tomorrow night, as you celebrate this fun holiday!

I was not paid to feature this post!  All costumes were purchased on our behalf and were not sponsored by any business or company!


giraffe costume said...

And it is as simple as that. These kids will surely get tons of candy with their lovely costumes on. That's a guarantee. I wish I had those things when I was their age, would have had a lot of fun.