Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Give Your Flip Flops A New Look - And They Last Longer Too!

I love my flip flops!  Surprise, surprise, right?  They are actually, typically, the only thing I wear on my feet (when I wear shoes) all summer long.  One pair will get me through the entire summer months, if I am gentle with them!  By the end of the summer though, they are pretty much trashed!  If there was a design on them, it's almost gone and they are in dire need of a face lift, if they will be worn again, the next summer to come.
I was so excited to learn about FlopTopz!  This innovative product (made from recycled materials), not only gives your flip flops a new look, but also helps fight odors, is shock absorbing, and keeps feet cool and dry.
They are easy to put in your flip flops (just peel and stick) and are not only a great way to extend the length of wear, on your favorite (and already broke in) flip flops...but they can give your flip flops a stylish new look as well!
I received the Black FlopTopz and I've been wearing them in my flip flops ever since!  I love them!  They make my sandals extra cushy and have given them new LIFE!

CLICK HERE to learn more about FlopTopz and order yourself a pair or two!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!


@somerskys said...

Those flip flop thingys are so cute! showed them to my DANA POINT MOMS friends they were all happy about these and said they were gonna order some. Thanks for telling me about these. Now I'm all popular n stuff and all of the moms think i am smart and in the know ;") no not really i told them to follow One Bored Mommy blog she is the one who knows about tons of cool stuff to help the fam!!!!!!