Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Visit?

I love it when I can anticipate visits from FAMILY!!  Don't you?  I really, truly believe that GOD gives us family for a reason...and getting to enjoy time together, is all part of that!

So Aunt, Uncle, (3) Cousins, and (2) second cousins will be arriving after four days in spend a few days in our home with us.  
They live in AZ, so having them visit is such a treat!
I am super excited for the second cousins to meet (this will be the first time) and play together.  Brings back memories of us cousins when we were little kids!  Those memories always make me smile, of times we spent as children together, and  I know my cousins feel the same way too!

We will have a house full...but it will be full of LOVE & lots of laughs!


Anonymous said...

You have been busy with family popping in to visit. Always nice to have them closer :)