Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Construction "WEARABLES" - Your Kids Will Want This!

I remember being a kid...and playing pretend!  My sister and I could play for hour on end, with just our imaginations and something as simple as a cardboard box.  In fact, one time, when my parents got a new refrigerator...they turned the box into a club house for us.  They used wrapping paper for wall paper, cut out windows, etc.  We played for HOURS in that little piece of cardboard.  It lasted weeks and months in our downstairs playroom!

As times change and kids become even more inhibited by technology, I love finding companies that like to take a good ol' piece of cardboard and help transform it into something that can be hours worth of imagination fun!
Kid Construction "Wearables" take a piece of cardboard, let your child add their own touch of color and pizzaz...and after it's constructed, they have a vehicle (of sorts) that they can wear and  play with.  

These "Wearables" are super cool, super fun and will provide your child with hours worth of entertaining fun...once you build it for them.  Plus, some functions of the vehicles "REALLY WORK"!  How cool is that?
The coloring & the building part takes some time.  In fact, I recruited my dad to help me...because I simply wouldn't have been able to build it without ruining parts of it.  
Thankfully, he was willing and got right to work...taking the pieces of colored (with love by the kids) cardboard and putting it together to make the "DOZER" for our little guy!  I took him about an hour and he did have a couple "BUMPS" to work through...because you have to follow the directions perfectly to get it to come out right.
Our little guy couldn't wait to put it on...and he drove it all around...scooping things as he went.  He loves it!  And I know he's not alone.  Anyone who has observed their children playing with one of these "Wearables" will probably be able to give credit that these are fantastic creations...extra special because your kids get to color them, that will (if carefully played with), last for a long time...and hours of fun enjoyment!
CLICK HERE to learn more about their product, watch a video of some kids "in action" in their "WEARABLES" and order one for your little imaginary today!  These would make fabulous birthday gifts or Christmas presents!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!