Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let SANTA Make A Special Appearance On Christmas MORNING!

On Christmas morning last year...the kids were super surprised and excited that SANTA left them a special message, on DVD, to talk to the kids personally!  
Seriously...our kids were totally floored!  And since we still have four VERY BIG believers in our home, they were even more convinced after watching this DVD!!  Santa even talked about seeing our dog "Jade" during his visit to our house that night before Christmas!  Talk about wide eyes and bright smiles from all four kids!  He spoke individually to each child, encouraging them and talk to them.  They listened intently!
Because of the impression it made...we have watched this video many times over the past year!  
In fact, we just watched this DVD again yesterday!  
They truly feel special that Santa left them this DVD!
Starting November 1, 2012...
YOU can order your family a DVD to have them watch in amazement on Christmas morning!  
TRUST ME...this is well worth the investment!  
Your kids will truly be SOLD on Santa!

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