Saturday, October 27, 2012

More FALL "GOOD READS" From Harper Collins Children's

Several books, from HARPER COLLINS CHILDREN, have "ARRIVED" just in time for some cozy, in front of the fire, reading time with your kids!  

I am excited that we not only get to share, but have had the opportunity personally screen these books ourselves!
When a half man, half bat creature attacks Gotham City...the police think it's Batman gone crazy.  In order to clear his name, he has to defeat this fiendish foe.  This book is not only easy to read, but the story is thrilling and exciting and will have your little guys on their toes to the very end!
Perfect for ages 4-8
Sister Bear has a wiggly tooth and is so excited for it to fall out.  She knows that the tooth fairy will come and leave a quarter under her pillow!  She gets even more excited when she finds out that her friend Lizzy Bruin got a whole dollar for the last tooth that she lost.  Now Sister can't wait to see how much the Tooth Fairy leaves her this time!
Perfect for ages 4-8
Gloria's birthday is tomorrow and everyone is excited about the celebration except Frances.  Frances can't help but think that it always seems to be someone else (imaginary friends and such) birthday instead.  Even worse, Gloria's birthday present cost twice as much as she thought it would.  What will turn this birthday celebration around?
Perfect for ages 4-8
Kids love reading the Little Critter stories, and now they can learn to read on their own with this box set of 12 easy to read stories.  Each one focusing on different phonic elements, from short vowels to sight words. 
Perfect for ages 3-5
It's the day of Emma's big race and Dixie comes to watch.  Emma tells Dixie that her job is to "sit, stay and cheer".  But Dixie is sad she can't race too, yet is determined to behave.  When Emma trips and falls before the finish line, will Dixie be able to obey her  best friend and STAY put or rush in to help her?
Perfect for ages 4-8

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