Friday, October 12, 2012

She's NINE Today...

Every year, when my kid's celebrate their blows my mind that they are actually as old as they are!  
It doesn't seem possible that I was in the hospital, nine years ago, having our first daughter...a healthy, bouncing baby girl!  She was my biggest baby! She was the first one I could dress in pink & put pretty hair bows in her hair!  
She was beautiful & perfect!
She has grown into an even more amazingly brilliant and beautiful little girl!  
What a blessing to be her mommy!  

So help me wish my MINI-ME...the happiest of BIRTHDAY WISHES for her 9th Birthday today!  We love you!


@somerskys said...

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY one bored mommy's mini-her ;'D Happy birthday and always remember JESUS IS LORD!!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!
What a beautiful smile!