Monday, October 1, 2012

To My "NEW ENGLAND" Friends...

It's October 1st...and if I recall correctly, that means that the weather where you are is starting to cool off.  It's sweatshirts, boots and hot apple cidar time, right?
It also means that the leaves, which have received plenty of water and moisture over the course of the past WINTER, SPRING and SUMMER (because of the snow and rain)...will be turning the most amazingly VIBRANT colors you've ever seen with your own two eyes.

I remember when we were house hunting there...and how blown away I was by just HOW beautiful it is...this time of the year...when all the leaves are changing and falling.  It's like a silent song with colors unimaginable.  It's that brief "FEW" weeks...that "ALMOST" make it worthwhile to live where the sun shines only for about 1 month a year.  I said, "ALMOST"!

I never understood why people would make "SPECIAL" trips, just to see the leaves fall!  I get it now...and totally understand the worth in it.  

SO ENJOY IT!!  May your eyes be blessed by the colors that they see...and have fun cleaning up all those leaves!  I remember that chore as well!  The kids loved it, because they got to jump in it...but it was truly a couple "WEEKENDS" worth of blowing and raking to get them all off the yard.

HAPPY FALL friends!