Monday, October 15, 2012

Truly Invented By SMART MOMS - Teething Bling

My cousin Jessica was visiting this weekend with her baby girl Makenna.  Her daughter just turned one, and is in the phase where she has her fingers in her mouth or is finding something to chew on CONSTANTLY.  Can we say "TEETHING"?
I was so excited to introduce her to "Teething Bling" by Smart Mom Jewelry!  These chewable & yet truly fashionable teething necklaces, were a huge GOD SEND with my last little guy, during his teething stages.  
I wore these necklaces with almost every outfit.  I LOVE THEM!
You would honestly never know that it was meant to be chewed on...because it looks like a smooth stone necklace.  But instead, it's made of soft, flexible, BPA Free, teething friendly material.  Plus, your teething baby/toddler will be so excited to be "allowed" to play & chew on a piece of mommy's jewelry...and you'll have the peace of mind, knowing that it's SAFE for them to chew on too!
This type of teething jewelry is perfect for outings, places where you will be sitting for awhile (like church or a play or concert), etc., because your child will always have something to play with and chew on.  
My cousin is sold on them.  She wants one in every color!  Her daughter couldn't get enough CHEWING!  She was drooling, smiling and truly entertained by her mommy's new necklace...that she's allowed to mess with.  Plus, she's expecting another little these necklaces will definitely get chewed on!
CLICK HERE to learn more about Smart Mom Jewelry "Teething Bling" and consider their products for baby shower gifts, for desperate mommies of teething babies, and just sweet little gifts for mom's you love!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!