Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Have You Voted? Will You Vote? TODAY IS THE DAY!

Today is the day...the day that all the campaigning, personal & political bashing and political party disputes will come to a head...in the POLL, that will choose the next President of the United States!

Will it be a second term for:
or will Mitt Romney get his chance to change the tide?
MAKE SURE you get to the polls, if you haven't already and VOTE!!  
It might seem small or even insignificant vote, but it makes a difference!
One thing I know for CERTAIN...GOD ALREADY knows who won this election and HE knows how it will all look down the road!  It's so good that the unknown future is really not UNKNOWN to the one who USES all things for HIS GLORY!

Happy Voting! 
May GOD continue to bless America!


Romina said...

I filled out my ballot last night and asked hubby to drop it off. We will probably be glued to the TV tonight, after the kids are in bed, to watch for results.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I voted first thing this morning.