Monday, November 5, 2012

HOSPITAL BOUND? Let This Company Pack For You! LOVE THIS!

No matter the reason that people "HEAD" into the hospital, it can be a truly NERVE RACKING experience!  How does one know what they need to pack for their time spent in the hospital?  Perhaps it's for surgery or even to have a baby!  Even the packing can be stressful!  Making sure you have everything you might need or want while you are recovering...

I was introduced to a company that has one mission in make your experience less stressful (at least from the packing end) by already getting everything you need gathered up for you, packed in the most adorable way and ready for your NEEDS to be met as soon as you need them!
Meet BFFLBag® !  Their bags were created for improving your "PATIENT" experience, as you are going through whatever you will be undergoing in the hospital setting.

Their bags are packed full (seriously full) of everything & anything you could think of needing or wanting during your hospital stay.  They have taken all the stress out of it for you!
We received the Mommy/Delivery Bag, which totally blew me away!  Not only did they have things I wish I would have thought to pack for myself after having each and every baby, but it's so organized (all in separate packages), so nicely packed, in such an adorable bag...the whole experience couldn't be a more pleasant or cheerful one.  

When I say this bag is loaded...check out this list:

This would be a wonderful blessing if it's gifted as a baby that the soon to be mommy doesn't have to worry about a thing when it comes to packing for her BIG MOMENT in time.  All she has to do is make sure this bag is packed in her car when they are headed to the hospital and she'll be all set when she is delivering and recovering in the hospital!  


CLICK HERE to see all the different types of bags they offer (for chemo, for brain surgery, for breast surgery, etc.)...and consider gifting someone going through an extremely stressful or emotional or even joyful time in their life with a BFFLBag® , to relieve some anxiety and stress before hand.  They will thank you for it!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


@somerskys said...

GREAT PRODUCT!! as a person who was in the hospital for about a year because of massive brain hemmorage surgery i wish i knew about this service and the bags u can buy for brain injury surgery AMAZINGLY GREAT! I COULDNT TALK FOR SOME MONTHS WHICH WAS SO FRUSTRATING ;/ so the board that u can point to with pictures is so wonderful!!thanks for letting us know of this wonderful company