Thursday, December 13, 2012

Give The Gift Of T-FAL This Christmas...At Exceptional Prices Too!

As you know...this mommy is a huge fan of T-Fal products!  
We currently use our "Actifry" (remember, the one I shared about on TV) on a bi-weekly basis to make crispy & healthy homemade french fries and so much more!

I had to share with you some STEALS that you might not want to pass up...for gift giving or your own kitchen use!  Click on the name link to be taken directly to to shop for each product!

T-fal Holiday Deals & Steals on

It seems like “gluten” and “celiac” have been 2012 buzz words. T-fal’s brand new Balanced Living Bread Maker includes a setting to create gluten-free bread. DIY Bread-making is a trend back from the 80’s but with updates. This machine offers settings to even make pizza dough and homemade jam.

Even Dr. Oz always says that green juice is the quickest way to get your daily nutrients in your blood stream. America is crazy about juicing but even a short a 3-day cleanse can empty out the wallet. The T-fal Balanced Living Juice Extractor is priced affordably to give everyone the benefits of juicing. $79.99

A great way to get your protein and probiotics … it’s now possible to make your own yogurt at home with the T-fal Balanced Living Yogurt Maker. Got a dairy allergy? Why not try soy or almond milk?

They say everything is better fried…and it is true! This T-fal Filtra One Electric Deep Fryer over 50% off fryer features an exclusive oil filtration system, allowing multiple oil use. If frying sounds scary—don’t fret, this cool touch exterior makes frying easy and safe.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated at all by posting about these great deals on!