Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who Wouldn't Want To Be A Spy? Yo Gabba Gabba - "SUPER SPIES" DVD Coming Soon!

Yo Gabba Gabba has grabbed the attention of preschoolers everywhere!  With it's bright colors, fun music, interesting characters and teaching of manners & more...EVEN PARENTS are a fan!
So we get excited when they release a new DVD...because you know that every toddler likes to watch things "MORE THAN ONCE".

Yo Gabba Gabba - "SUPER SPIES" is being released April 17th and offers Jason Bateman as a guest star in a "NEVER BEFORE SEEN" Season 4 episode!  This DVD also features a "BONUS GAME", which is always a big hit around here too!

Episodes included:
CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy from and save a few $$'s in the process!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Start Your SPRING With Great SKIN - #WIN This $50 Arbonne #Giveaway!

Do you remember how...a couple weeks back...I got to experience an amazing "FACIAL" thanks to Arbonne and my friend Sara Jane! 
It really did leave my skin feeling more refreshed and nourished than it has in YEARS! 
She is so excited & passionate about her company, the products she is selling now...and the incredible difference the products are making in her own family! 

Because she is so excited about her new business and wants to help get these products in every household in the everyone can be reaping the benefits of healthy bodies and skin...she is offering a $50 Giveaway to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader!  The winner will get their chance to pick (1) Arbonne product (under $50) as their prize!  This is a great opportunity to test the waters with an Arbonne product you've been curious about! 

Don't forget, Sara is always available for questions about the Arbonne through her Facebook Community (CLICK HERE) or her site (CLICK HERE)!
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A Spring Cleaning Check List...

Do you do a massive "SPRING CLEANING" every year? 
If so...GOOD FOR YOU! 
If not, I'll admit, I'm not really great about doing it either! 

So, because I know there are some out there like me...I found this a very helpful GUIDE of things to do for SPRING TIME CLEANING around your house:
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SERIOUSLY...What Product Can Clean This? HELP ME PLEASE!

Being a SPOILED (I'll admit it) city girl...that was not knowledgeable about things like "well water" and such...I got a huge wake up call when we moved into our rental home in Connecticut.  Now...mind you, I feel that we were extremely blessed to find this place, because it was newly renovated and amazingly clean compared to the other rentals we had looked all.  It had all new kitchen appliances and such...which made my heart go pitter patter...considering I knew we would be living here for awhile.

But the well water has been one of the biggest adjustments for me in this house!  We, unfortunately, have a low reserve well...which limits what I can do around the house (in regards to water), because we will RUN COMPLETELY OUT!  With a family of 6 on a well meant for makes it quite the adjustment...for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, etc.  It's even more interesting when we have overnight guests too.

So, like I said before, keep in mind that all of our appliances were brand new when we moved in. 

I remember noticing (as we were walking through the first time) that the toilets were horribly dirty and asked my husband to have them clean them before we moved it...and then after moving in...noticing that they were not CLEAN...but still rather orangish inside the bowl. 
That should have been a RED FLAG for me! 

Our water well has HUGE Iron Count!  HUGE!! 
We're talking...if it's white, it's not after it's washed! 
Truly though...the dishwasher is the biggest reflection of the IRON concentration and it's something I use on a daily basis.  Whether we are here for 1 more day or 10 years...I want it cleaned out on the inside!  The stained look has GOT TO GO!  It just looks horribly filthy and to me...when I open it with company here...embarrasses me to death!  Plus, don't even get me started on how I get the dishwasher to run (cause I fill it manually because the new filter in the dishwasher is completely clogged too)!  To buckets to wash, two buckets to rinse!

"What kind of "Stay At Home Mommy" has a dishwasher that looks like that on the inside? "

"She must be absolutely disgusting!"

"Doesn't she clean?"

I really do the best I can to keep our house extremely clean for our family and I think that I have made huge adjustments & worked around the living situations...TO MAKE IT WORK!  But...

I need your help PLEASE!  Does anyone know of a product that will help take the IRON STAINS out of the dishwasher (plastic inside)?  Any helpful tips I can use will be greatly appreciated!!  This dishwasher is only 2 years old (because we already had to replace one...because the filter clogged and it ruined it).  I can't stomach leaving this house, with the dishwasher in this's just not IN ME to be "that kind of renter"...even if it's not MY FAULT that it's horribly stained!

HELP ME!!  This "City Chick" has no clue what to do or how to solve this problem!  I need your help!  Can you help me?  Leave your comments, suggestions and all...BELOW!  Thanks guys!!  It's truly appreciated!

Truly Feeling One's Age - OH MY GOSH...I'm So RETRO!

No doubt, I am denial about getting older!  Aren't we all? 

I am certain, that I will be one of those senior citizens keeping the "OLD FOLKS HOME" alive, cause I'll be jazzercising, playing bingo and socializing till my time is up!  My age should never stop me from truly "LIVING" each day to the fullest and with as MUCH JOY as possible!

But what really makes me feel the fact that, some of the things I used to play with when I was little (the toys), things that I wore (the fashions), even things that I ate (like certain types of cereal) are considered "RETRO" or even "VINTAGE".

WHAT??  I know I'm not that old yet! 

Seriously?  Yes, I was a child of the 80's and 90's...and I consider things like the "FASHIONS of the 20's and 50's" retro & vintage.  But how, HOW is it possible that things from the time when I was small are coming full circle again? 

Do you think that standards have changed or am I just not ready to be at this stage in life when things are being brought "back from the dead"...after being buried (with disgust) by us decades ago?

How about you?  Do you consider yourself terms of seeing things from your childhood being re-introduced as "VINTAGE"? 

I know I can't be alone with feeling like this...

5 "NO FAIL" Things That Make ME Smile EVERYDAY!

In case you ever wonder...
These five faces are "NO FAIL" ways to make me smile DAILY! 
Have I mentioned I love being a mommy? 
Yes, even to my hairy child...I LOVE THEM ALL!

Spring Time Drinks...THE WHOLE FAMILY Can Enjoy!

Mmm...the tastes of SPRING have arrived too!  Freshly squeezed lemonade, fruity frozen juices, etc.  You know what I am talking about.  The refreshment of SPRING! 

With the soft breeze and sunshine, here are some great ideas for SPRING drinks that the whole family can enjoy drinking:
Source: via Jalena on Pinterest
Mmm...this CHILLED MINT LEMONADE sounds delightful...and looks pretty too!
How about some Koolade Ice Cubes in Sprite! YUMMY & super fun!
Sunshine Slush anyone? DELICIOUS! My kids would love this!
Don't know about you, but I always loved ORANGE JULIUS when I was little...

Now, I have given you a few ideas to start with...I have a feeling you'll find some even more innovative and delicious creations on your own!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WARNING...The Following Could Cause SEVERE BLINDNESS! Pregnant Mommy In A Bathing Suit! BRACE YOURSELF!

I just found this from our family blog, when I was 33 weeks pregnant with my youngest (who is now 3 1/2 years old).  I had to laugh, because I was just having a conversation on Twitter about how a "BABY BUMP" looks cute anytime in a bathing suit!  But after looking at these pictures...I am convinced that by the time I was 38 weeks (when he was born), I would not have been labled as CUTE!  LOL!

View at your own risk!
My parents requested to see pictures of me in my bathing suit.
As you will see from the pictures tankini just doesn't fit the same with a huge tummy (it's not a maternity bathing suit)! But here is hard core proof that it's a real belly and not a basketball or watermelon that I'm carrying around under my shirt. LOL!
To make it a little less HURTFUL to the eyes, I turned the pictures black & white so that you wouldn't be blinded by my white skin and growing pink/red stretch marks. Here are I am 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant in my bathing suit! LOL!
I also measured my waist and as of right now...I am 42 inches around. I started out this pregnancy (pre-pregnancy) wearing size 26 inch waist jeans. WHAT A HUGE difference!! No wonder my back hurts and my muscles and ligaments are being strained from carrying around this load. LOL!!

Oh...the joys of pregnancy and the tolls it takes on the body!  Of course, I would go back and do it again if I had to...but thankfully that is not an option anymore (or we would be a family like the 19 Kids and Counting family...that just keeps having babies)! 

A Few Things To Soothe A SUPER SORE Throat...Cause Mommy's Got One!

I'm sick!  I've had a severely sore throat for the past three days!  It hurts to swallow, it's hard to sleep at night and I can't even raise my voice at my kids (which of course they think is fabulous)!  I'm willing to try just about anything to get rid of it too (or at least soothe it).

In fact, for lunch today, I think I put more HOT SAUCE in my chicken soup than there was broth!  It seems to have tamed it a little, but it still HURTS!

So I decided to share with you, some of my favorite things to use when I'm sick with a cold (sore throat) and then I hope you can share with me (or shine some light) other things you use to help bring relief:
First off, I wouldn't be functioning at all if it wasn't for this product (above)...both the DAY and NYQuil.  Seriously!  This gets me through...the majority of the day with some relief! 
I sing it's praises!
I drink lots of tea with honey (even though I would rather be drinking coffee).  It really helps at night time before I am heading to bed...
This is a great chest rub and it works great on the bottoms of your feet (of course then covered with a pair of socks) to help a persistent cough.  However, I do not currently have a cough.  I have to tell father in law (PAPA MARVIN) actually melts it by the teaspoons and swallows it!  I've told him that it's poison...but he swears it helps his sore throat and he's still KICKIN' maybe he has a secret remedy I should try out?  Not sure I could actually deal with the taste (I have a very touchy gag reflux).  Have you tried this before?
Yes, this stuff is genius too...the only problem is that it doesn't last long.  I love the numbing it does to the back of my throat when it's feeling extremely raw...but I have be known to almost go through an entire bottle in one day when I have a SEVERE sore throat. 
My sister in law swears by Vitamin C...and taking mass quantities when you first feel a cold or sore throat coming on.  I don't have any on hand right now, but I am tempted to run to the store and stock up...for the next bout!  The chewable ones are great too...cause even your little guys can take them (they taste pretty decent too)!

 What is your GO TO remedy for a super sore throat or cold symptoms?  PLEASE!!  Share with me!!  What am I forgetting?  What can I try?  I'm desperate for long term relief from my raw throat! 

Thanks guys!  Please pray I feel better soon! 
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about any of these products. 

Spring Time Means...BUBBLES?? CHECK THIS OUT!

If you have know that as SPRING arrives...outdoor play becomes more possible (and enjoyable) and you'll find yourself on the patio or porch, watching as the kids are playing! 
Again I say, I love this time of the year! 
Source: via Laura on Pinterest
So what child do you know (old and young alike) doesn't like to play with bubbles? 
And yes...the bigger the better!  I found this recipe for HOMEMADE bubbles that I can't wait to try this SPRING and wanted to make sure to share with you too!  Sounds like some colossal bubbles will be blowing our way!
And I think this is a great way to store them too!
And here's a great way for your little guys to BLOW those bubbles (who would have thought about a solo cup with the bottom cut out)!  


So get busy blowing...and enjoy a sunny, breezy, springtime day with your kids BLOWING BUBBLES!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated at all by posting about these ideas!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Day...They Will Be Driving A Car! EEK!

For some reason, the thought came into my mind this morning that...ONE DAY (very shortly for my oldest), my kids (all four of them) will eventually be driving a car!  Eek! 

As I think back to myself, as a 15 1/2 year old, getting my permit, taking driver's education classes and hopping & stalling my little Fiero down the road (in pure embarrassment) my dad sat by, in the passenger seat...teaching me how...IT REALLY don't seem like that long ago!  I can vividly remember moments of pure excitement, moments of pure embarrassment and moments of pure FREEDOM when I finally got that license.
But what is truly killing me, is the thought that even this little his cute plastic Step2 mobile, will be in front of the wheel, with freedom at his gas pedal, in just a few short years.  For my oldest son, he is already reminding me that he only has 5 1/2 more years before he'll be 16 years old!

I guess for now, I'll just start praying!

Praying that my kids grow up to be responsible, mature and ready (when the time comes) for them to drive! 

Praying for protection over them when they head out onto the open road alone, that GOD would surround them as they head out and bring them back safe to me!  As a mommy, I guess I hadn't realized just how hard this "LETTING GO" thing just might be. 

Praying that when that time finally arrives, I will be mentally and emotionally ready to hand them the keys, sit quietly in the passenger seat and offer them encouragement & guidance as the car starts moving down the road.

Have you been at this point in parenting yet? 

How did you deal with the emotions, as a send your kids on their way, as they started driving a car? 

I'd love to hear your WORDS OF WISDOM!

The "EASTER BUNNY" Will Be Leaving His Treats In "REAL GRASS" This Year...Thanks To Spots And Ladybugs "Easter Grass Kit"!

Every year, it seems, the Easter Bunny fills up my kids Easter Baskets with that plastic shredded plastic.  Yeah, I know it's not environmentally correct, but our Easter Bunny hasn't been conscious of other options for the filler inside their baskets...UNTIL NOW!
This year, the Easter Bunny will have four baskets full of real, homegrown, watered & planted with love GRASS! 
We used the Spots & Ladybugs EASTER GRASS Kits to grow our own LIVING GRASS!  OH MY GOODNESS how I love this idea!!  LOVE IT!!
As you can see, this process is simple, easy and even your smaller kids can help out in this activity! 
Now...we wait and watch... until our grass starts growing! 
The kids know that this year, our Easter Bunny (who will be ECO FRIENDLY this year) will just be filling up these "live grass" baskets instead of bringing his own!  They are fine with that!  Especially since they each got their own FAVORITE color baskets this year, where in Easter's past...he has brought two of the same boy color and two of the same girl color. 
They are all about individuality!  Aren't they all?

YOU have to CLICK HERE to search out a store near you to buy one of these awesome EASTER GRASS kits, or CLICK HERE to order your kit from and rush it to your house (the kit needs about a week to have a good amount of growth).  By the way, if there is not a store near you that carries these kits, perhaps you could suggest it for next EASTER?  Just a thought!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

SPRING TIME THEMED Nails...How Cute Are these?

I guess, because the weather gets warmer during SPRING...I start noticing my nails need some attention after being neglected all winter long! 

After cruising PINTEREST, I found some adorable "NAIL ART" ideas I wanted to share with you to inspire your own "SPRING NAIL" creations:
Source: via Shellie on Pinterest
How cute are these?
Gorgeous, right?  I would love my nails like this...

This has "EASTER EGG" written all over it!
My oldest daughter would be gaga for her nails to be painted like this!  Only we would have to do orange for the monarch...her favorite butterfly!
So get creative, get inspired and sport some "SPRING TIME" nails! 
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about these SPRING nail art designs!

Monday, March 26, 2012

You Could Win $1000 From Your Pretzel Crisps Creation...@PretzelCrisps Appetizer Recipe Contest!

As you know, we are family that LOVES & cannot get enough of Pretzel Crisps.  They are delicious, flat, pretzel crisps and they delight our taste buds!  My favorite flavor is the Buffalo Wings flavor.  My husband has a sweet spot for them too!  He's been known to surprise me, by bringing home a bag every now and again...just because!  SCORE!

Though we enjoy eating them just the way they are...Pretzel Crisps are also delightful when spruced up with toppings, made into tasty dishes, etc.  SO MUCH SO that they are currently running an amazing CONTEST on their facebook page (CLICK HERE):

What are you waiting for?  Run out, buy a bag or two, get busy in the kitchen and enter to win $1000 (in six different categories)! 

I would be super delighted to hear that one of my readers WON, in one of the categories!!  SO ENTER NOW!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this contest! 

Fun Bites Makes EATING Fun For Picky Eaters! Just POP Their FUN SHAPED FOOD Onto Their Plates!

Some kids can be ridiculously hard to feed!  They need their food to have certain textures, be made a certain way, or they will refuse to eat all together.  For a parent, having a child who will not eat can cause a lot of anxiety...
So I am happy to come upon a company that creates a product that takes ordinary food and makes it extraordinarily fun...but giving it a shape and dimension!  FunBites® cuts any food into bite-sized fun shapes. Just rock FunBites® quick-cutting curved blades across pitas, fruit, or any healthy food and watch it transform into a fun meal that even the pickiest of eaters can’t resist.
YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS to believe it! 

We received the FunBites set of cutters and we had a great time trying them out with the girls.  It was so easy to use both cutters and my kids were excited about all the shapes.  I also love that they are 100% in the USA, durable, dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

I immediately thought back to when my oldest son was MY ONLY child.  He was super hard to feed.  I remember spending several minutes a day cutting his peanut butter and jelly into teeny tiny hopes of him eating it (at least some of it).  This saves the cutting step and actually makes it fun in the process, plus all the pieces are equal too.   Plus, your kids will get excited when they see their food LITERALLY pop out, onto their plate!

Please, CLICK HERE to learn more about FunBites and get a set ordered for your home (and picky eaters).  If nothing else, they will have a blast helping "MAKE" the lunch (or preparing for a party)...even if they won't eat it when it's all cut up and ready to go in their mouth.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

SPRING FLOWERS Make Me Smile...What About You?

It's SPRING here in CT (even though the temperatures may not feel that way this week) and I am so thrilled!  The flowers are blooming...and despite the high pollen levels...the bright & fragrant flowers bring a vibrant smile to my face!
I took this picture last week...and I love it!  The bright yellow daffodils!! 
Plus, we have a gorgeous MAGNOLIA tree across the street that I love watching bloom!  It's display of SPRING not only draws the bumble bees to itself, but not a single person can drive by it without being caught in complete awe of it's beauty!

I can always see GOD through the Springtime flowers and that makes me smile too!

THANK YOU LORD for Spring's arrival!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Dog Loves to SPIN...She Spins Me Right Round Baby...Right Round!

Our puppy is getting big now!  She's becoming strong, powerful and protective!  I love her!  But she does have quite a silly side!  I think this video shows it! 
I hope this brings a smile to your SUNDAY MORNING!

I'm seriously surprised she could even stand up after spinning around so much!  INSANE!  I was getting dizzy just watching her twirl! 

She's always lots of fun!  I love her!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm Pregnant And I Know It!!

Oh my goodness!! 
This viral YouTube video is hilarious!!  No wonder it's VIRAL! 
I would have totally done this when I was pregnant!!  :)  LOL!!  LOVE IT!!
"Just Look At My Belly..." Hee Hee!
Just had to share it with all you mommies out there!  Bet you'll find yourself bouncing around to the music with her!!  I Did!! 

"Livin' Country"...EVEN IN THE CITY!! I Love This Clothing Line! CHECK IT OUT!

There's a little bit o' country in all of us!  Believe it or not, until I married my husband, I had no idea that any "COUNTRY" existed in me at all.  But after being introduced to my in laws farm, their peaceful way of living and oh...the good eats in the country (big hearty meals), I found some COUNTRY ROOTS!  In fact, I even learned to drive a tractor (being totally serious) and got to help with some chores around the farm!  SUPER FUN!
So when I got the opportunity to do a review of the clothing line "Livin' Country", there was no way I was turning down this opportunity! 

This City girl loves the little bit of COUNTRY ROOTS I do have inside of me!
I received the Livin' Country Cowgirl Junior Fit T-shirt (in pink), which fits me perfectly (both personally and physically).  LOVE IT! 
Having this shirt on makes me want a pair of cow girl boots, a cute straw hat and a horse to go riding with!  Of course, I would (of course) need someone to hold the horses reins (as I ride), because I am terrified to ride a horse by myself!  My mother in law has always been great about allowing me this opportunity when she's giving my kids horse rides too! 
Giddy Up!

You have to check out their entire line of tees and TAP INTO that little bit o' country that is livin' inside of each of you...just waiting to come out! 
CLICK HERE to head to their site!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

Friday, March 23, 2012

My 3000th...

This is my 3000th post! 

That is all! 
Hee Hee!  Just thought it would be fun to share this with you guys! 
So grateful to have been able to share daily with you my 3000th posts!


Fabulous Fashionable Friday - MPG ActiveWear SPRING 2012 Collection HIGHLIGHT!

I swear...I think that companies have read my posts stating that I don't like to workout, so they are sending me "ACTIVE WEAR" to inspire me to get my butt to the gym!  LOVE IT!  I guess if anything is going to inspire me...looking cute when I workout is definitely a PLUS!!
I received a set of MPG (Mondetta Performance Gear) Active Wear to review/feature that absolutely makes me feel inspired...from the very second I put it on!
The outfit fits like a glove on my body!   It's not to tight and not to loose...just fits perfectly!
I love that the GLITTER tank has a concealed pocket that is perfect for storing your MP3 player while you're working out!  That way you can work out to YOUR "get up and go" music without having a buckle rub on you or it bouncing around while you run.  Plus, it has a built in comfort bra...which offers support and stability while you're bouncing around.  The NOVA Pants are super cute, flattering and offer comfort and support for a serious workout!

If you have not already...please head over to their site (CLICK HERE) and check out their new 2012 SPRING Collection!  I am certain you'll find something that INSPIRES you to workout too.
Plus, make sure you enter their awesome GIVEAWAY too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!