Friday, August 31, 2012

I Can't Believe He's 11...

Every year, when my kid's have their blows me away at how quickly time is going and how precious each second is!
Our oldest, our LIFE changer, is turning 11 years old today!
Here he is, the day his daddy &I got married..
I can't help but get emotional when I think about how much his little LIFE (now getting bigger) has changed me!  He was the first one to call me mommy!  He was the first to give me sleepless nights, the first one to tell me he loves me, the first one to MAKE ME PROUD of being a mommy!
He's such a handsome guy!  Such a hard worker and a total trooper to be the oldest of this crew of crazies!  He has so much to offer this WORLD!!  His soft spirit and kindness, overflows from him!  

Please help me wish our oldest son...who is turning 11 (oh my goodness...we have a TWEEN now) today, a 

A Style Emergency Solved...In 10 Seconds!

Are you going somewhere and just can't find the right thing to wear?  Perhaps you are in the mood to wear a skirt, but you just don't have anything in your closet that TICKLES your FANCY for occasion!  Or maybe it's just one of those days when you want something "NEW" to wear and you don't have the time or money to go buy something...

Now, I know that this style skirt would not be flattering on all body types, but I love that it's a quick, simple and do-able solution if you are desperate for a cute skirt and don't have time to shop or $$ to spend on it!  Quick, simple and easy!  


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

PET LOVERS - You Are Going To Go "GAGA" Over This!

I love our two dogs!  Jade is my four legged "GIRL"!  And even though we have only had Trooper for a few weeks now...he's definitely an important part of our family as well!  

It's funny, because I know how important our dogs are to our family (the kids & myself), so I know that to those who ONLY have four legged friends...their pets means even more to them!

So why not COMMEMORATE their special moments at the beach or "JUST BECAUSE" with a "Sandy Paws" Keepsake Casting Kit!  OH MY GOODNESS!!
From the makers of "Sandy Feet" Casting Kits...this company realized just how truly treasured our pets are...and decided to make a kit specifically for them!  
This kit comes with everything you need (minus the water) to make 2 paw castings per kit:

We haven't had a chance to take our dogs to the beach yet...but I can't wait to use these kits when we do!  I have no doubt they are going to work JUST AS GREAT as the "Sandy Feet" kits (which are awesome for the entire family to do) we did in the past for the kid's foot impressions.  In fact, I know exactly where we will be hanging them too!  They will be hung on the same wall, that all four of our kids "Sandy Feet" impressions are hanging!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Naturally Designed SUPERCANDY?? Oh "SNAP"!

I'm a mom with a true SWEET TOOTH and sometimes, simply put, just not enough energy!  Not only do I love chocolate, but I love sour candies, gummies and all things made of sugar and sweetness...but I love to eat things that are going to give me a boost in my day!

So what if I told you that I just found a product line for adults like me, who have a need for some sweetness in their day...yet still want to be health conscious & offer extra energy naturally?  

These are a MOMMY's Dream Come True! 
Would you want to learn more?
Check out "SNAP" Infusion!!  These Naturally Designed SUPERCANDY products offer energy (with B vitamins), Natural sweetness (Xylitol), Vitamins C & E for immunity, Electrolytes for fluid balance and gives your mouth and body a SATISFYING experience all the way around!!
Plus, most of these offer under 100 calories or less, are made with no trans fat & no artificial sugars, empty calories or high fructose corn syrup.

CLICK HERE to learn more about "SNAP" and consider stocking your pantry with some sweetness that's actually GOOD for your body!

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Want To Make Sure Your Family's TV Viewing is "OK"?

I sometimes worry (okay, more than sometimes) about the shows that are on TV and the impact they can immediately have on my children.  Good or kids are extremely influenced by what they see, acted out by their favorite stars.

So, how does a parent know that the shows their kids want to watch, are "OK" for their viewing pleasure?

This site is wonderful!  It has the shows & movies rated for appropriate age viewing!  I LOVE THIS!  I will be using this site as a resource for our family.  I can even show my kids...," says you are not old enough to watch this!"  LOVE IT! 

Thank you!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark = TOTAL YUMMINESS!

My sweet tooth...sometimes gets the best of me!  Yesterday, was totally one of those examples!  I saw an idea on PINTEREST I had to try...

It's Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark and it's SOOOO GOOD!

It's simple...just read my picture captions...
and your kids will love you for making this:
I used pretzel sticks and goldfish pretzels, but it will work with any type of pretzel!  Just lay them out on a parchment lined baking pan.
Don't overcook the will burn if you cook it too long!  Not sure about you, but I'm a total sucker for homemade caramel!
I could honestly...just eat it like this!  ;)  YUM!
After you take it out of the oven, you can take a butter knife and gently pull the chocolate around, covering the top layer.  That way it's shared on all the pieces!
Because you baked in on parchment paper, it should peel right off and break up pretty easily!  You decide how big or small you want the pieces!!  It's so good!  

Your kids will love this for a quick after school snack or just to have for a quick sweet treat!

Fall Is Coming...What Will You Be Wearing?

Not that I'm much of a fashionista...but I love to check out cute "fall" outfits, accessories and all that the cooler weather begins to approach (despite the DEVILISH heat...we've battled all summer long)!

Do you excited about "dressing for fall"?  Boots, your favorite pair of jeans and a cute scarf or jacket!  I LOVE IT!

I wanted to share some "LOOKS" that I wouldn't mind having in my closet this coming fall...

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  
Would you wear any of these looks?  
Which are your favorite?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cereal Inspired Muffins ARE AWESOME! Plus A #Giveaway!

There are not to many "Betty Crocker" products that our family doesn't enjoy!  In fact, for the most part...when I use "Betty Crocker" products in our home, it's typically a BIG TREAT for us all!!
But did you know that Betty Crocker just introduced a brand new line of MUFFINS that are inspired by some of your kids (and probably..if you admit it...yours too) cereal...FROM:

We received an awesome gift pack, so we could try out & give a taste test to these amazing new Betty Crocker Muffin mixes.  Not only were they super easy to make...but our kids LOVED THEM!!
They were a quick "grab and go" breakfast...offering both the satisfying taste of their favorite cereals and the fullness and texture of a freshly baked muffin.  YUMMY!  We got two thumbs up from ALL FOUR KIDS!
Would you be interested in trying out these new Muffin Mixes?  Is your mouth watering just thinking about it?  I get to offer an amazing gift pack (the same one I received)...which includes:

TRUST ME...your kids will love these!


CLICK HERE to also get a couple to SAVE on your next purchase of delicious cereal muffin mixes!

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These Are MORE Than "Just Accessories"...

I am always TRULY touched & inspired by companies that have a heartfelt reason to their creation!  It makes me feel not only charitable, but a little bit closer to the families who start these types of MEMORY of their loved one!

I had the honor of reviewing an amazing "PIECE" from:
This company was created in memory of a 24 year old woman, who aspired to be a fashion designer.  She was living out her dream in NYC (voted as a top 100 Up and Coming Fashion Designers of the UNITED STATES), before she passed away.  The products this company sells are not only one-of-a-kind...but also created by fabric that she used in her collections.  How cool is that?
Each piece is unique and a percentage of each sale is donated to the Alli Heyden Passion for Fashion Scholarship Fund at Savannah College of Art and Design...where she graduated in 2009.
This piece we received was more than just an amazing accessory (both for the hair or pinned on to a top or skirt).  

It is inspired by an amazing woman...and I will cherish it, especially for that reason!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this company, see their full line of products and perhaps you will be purchasing a keep her memory ALIVE, and also have some amazing accessories for your hair & fashion.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

With A "SCUNCI" Flower In Your Hair! #WIN ONE too!

As you know, we are totally a family that loves to "dress up" our hairstyles with pretty little accents.  Both the girls and their MOMMY!
That's why I love Scunci products!  
Not only do they have products that we can all "SHARE", but they are USER FRIENDLY and add just the right look to our dressed up or casual hair styles.
We received the Scunci Flower Bendini Clip in pink...and I love it!  It was easy to put in and added a little "FLAIR" to my pulled back hair style!  LOVE IT!  My girls will love wearing these to school too, because they stay IN their hair as they play and go about their business.  LOVE!

Guess what?  One of my lucky readers can WIN a Scunci Flower Bendini Clip too...just by entering the Giveaway below!


Plus...Scunci is offering weekly prize packs to winners of the Summer of Scunci Sweepstakes.  Every Thursday, through Labor Day weekend, one lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a trendy Modella Train Case filled with an assortment of Scunci Hair accessories, including the flower bendini and bonus Conair Impressions Cushion Brush!  Visit and "like" the Scunci Facebook page to enter the giveaway (CLICK HERE) and for more styling ideas, hair accessory trends, etc.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

They Made It Through Their FIRST WEEK!!

I am so proud of my kids!
Moving cross country, being new to a school, having to adjust to new rules, new people, new drop off/pick up plans, etc... has not prevented my kids from having an amazing first week of school.
Monday, we had orientation and got a tour of the campus...and Tuesday, they were on their own!  SCHOOL WAS BACK IN SESSION!
I'm happy to report that all three kids made friends, had lots of good stories to tell about their days, and seem to really like being a part of this new community of students at their new school!  

On the flip side, our little guy is a little lost during the day...just hanging out with mommy all day long!  Not saying he's complaining, cause he loves the extra attention he's been getting...but it's awful quiet, compared to the summertime NOISE and DRAMA, in the house during the day now!  

All in all, I am praising GOD for a good first week at school!  So, so, so very thankful!

Peppa Pig ~ What A HOOT!

My kids love the show Peppa Pig!  What about your kids??  This adorable, energetic, lovable little piggy lives with her brother George, and her MOMMY Pig and DADDY Pig.  She speaks with the sweetest British accent and loves to play games and be adventurous.  

Aside from the accent, it sounds like a like Peppa Pig is just like my kids!  
No wonder they love her so much! her toys, books and DVD's are now available at Toys"R"Us and your kids are going to "fall in love" with this little piggy again and again.
We received a huge gift pack full of products for my little guy and nephew to try out and play with:
Peek 'N Suprise Playhouse (Fisher-Price) BUY IT NOW!
Hug 'N Oink Peppa (Fisher-Price) BUY IT NOW!
Peppa & Friends: Bicycling Together (Fisher-Price) BUY IT NOW!
Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List Book (Candlewick Press) BUY IT NOW!
Muddy Puddles and Other Stories DVD (Entertainment One Family) BUY IT NOW!
The boys got busy playing immediately!  It was so much fun to watch them interact, play, really enjoy the 10 "peppasodes" on the DVD, look through the book & hear the story, etc.  The DVD kept them very entertained!  They giggled when "Hug 'N Oink" Peppa would OINK and talk with them!  They played with the Peek 'N Surprise Playhouse for a long, long time.  Moving the parts, pretending to be Peppa Pig, etc.  
I guess it can be summed up in one word:

All of these toys were captivating and exciting for the kids to play with!  Plus, having the DVD to watch (so they could learn about the characters) made it even more fun to interact with the toys!

CLICK HERE to check out the entire line of Peppa Pig products at Toys "R" Us and consider that these would make great gift options for birthdays or upcoming holidays too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!  All products were sent to me by ChildsplayPR on behalf of this toy line!

A New Kind Of "MINT" - #WIN It And Try It!

We are a family that love mints!  Yes, even the kids love the HEAT and Pure Refreshment of some minty hard candy!
We received both the:

and the

I tried both, and honestly I enjoy the Raspberry one the best...though I did enjoy the Strawberry as well!  They are interesting in flavor, because you can taste the fruity...but also the MINTY!  It's like a flavor blast in your mouth!

To celebrate the launch, Ice Breakers is asking  their fans which characteristic  (cool or fruity)  best fits your personality  Fans can head to the Ice Breakers Facebook page  to have your Facebook profile analyzed and determine if you are "sweet as a puppy parade" or  "cool as a cucumber". While on the page, you can listen to custom Ice Breakers Duo Pandora stations, vote on their favorite songs and 'Duo' your profile pictures by combining your sweet or cool side with that of a friend’s!

Would you be interested in trying these news Ice Breakers Duo Mints?  

You can enter this giveaway below to receive both the Strawberry & Raspberry as well, so you can taste test them out and see which one you like better!


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Thursday, August 23, 2012


When I was nursing, I used a "name brand" nursing pillow (on occasion) to help support my back and shoulders while I was feeding my baby.  Honestly, I was never really GOOD about using it consistently and probably never TRULY got my $$'s worth out of the investment, even though I used it (inconsistently) with all four of my kids!  What a shame...right?
What if I told you that, a mom (just like me...with four kids) had the same type of experience, and realized that these pillows could have an extended "lifeline" if made in a way that the child could enjoy the nursing pillow they grow?  What if it was more than just a breastfeeding support pillow?  Wouldn't that make the investment more worthwhile?  It would for me!
I received the "TIGER" My Feeding Friend and I LOVE IT!  
Wish I had a baby to nurse with it right now!  
But honestly, my kids love it too!  Why?
Well, it's more than just THE MOST ADORABLE NURSING PILLOW...I have ever seen!  As your baby grows, it came be used for so much more, because it's a GROW-WITH-ME style pillow!
I know this "mom of four" is going to sell TONS of these!

Would you like to enter to WIN one of these adorable "My Feeding Friend" Pillows?  One Lucky Winner will receive a pillow of their choice!


CLICK HERE to see the full selection of "My Feeding Friend" pillows and perhaps you will purchase one for yourself or an expecting or breastfeeding mom you know!

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I Can't Believe My Baby Boy Is 4 Today...

WOW!!  Four years truly flew by!  LITERALLY!
(holding him for the first time...he had a 7 day NICU stay because of heart issues)
It seems like just yesterday, we were meeting our youngest son for the first time!  My last baby!  The last newborn to give me diapers to change, a tummy to fill with breast milk and a little snuggle bug to hold and love on!
And now...he's a bright eyed...
100% boy!  

Help me wish my youngest baby boy a HAPPY "4th" BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To School...OFF THEY GO!

That's right!  All three of my older kids had their 
They were excited (of course, there were a few butterflies), our little guy was excited to have mommy's undivided attention, and mommy is excited to actually be back on a schedule again (after quite a transitional summer for our family).
How about you?

Can't wait to hear all the details of their very first day back in a California school, in their new classes and meeting all new friends!  YAY!!  Wish I could have been a "fly on the wall" in each of their classrooms as they went about their day!  I had JITTERS for them, this morning!