Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Your Flu Shot And Wash Your Hands...

Have you noticed an absence in my blog posts this week?  

I've been sick, in bed, for the past 5 days...with the flu.  After visiting Urgent Care, yesterday afternoon, I learned that it has now turned into "walking pneumonia"!

I promise I'll be back in full swing soon...these antibiotics & cough meds are going to do their job and I am going to feel better soon!

But the moral of my story?  

This flu strain this year, is nothing to mess with.  The doctor said that I was the third case of "flu turned walking pneumonia" he saw in the office yesterday.

WASH YOUR HANDS!!  Make sure your kids do too!  This is so important!!  Not only will this help prevent the spread of germs...but it might keep your house from getting the flu PERIOD this winter!

Just a little word from the wise, or at least a little bit wiser now (who has now learned through a not so pleasant experience).