Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poppy Drops – Tiny Tattoo Earrings

My girls both have their ears pierced. I got them done, right after they had their first vaccinations, when they were two months old. Some might call it child cruelty. Some might argue that the child should have the right to decide! However, both me & the girls are so glad I did it when I did! They were not old enough to know they had their ears pierced, not old enough to touch them after they were done (so they couldn’t mess with them or have them get infected) and they were almost completely healed, a few hours after they were done!

But…that doesn’t mean that my girls don’t want MORE!! In fact, when the Poppy Drops “Little Treats for Little Ears” arrived at our house, my girls were elated to try them out.

Not only are these super cute, super easy to put on and a great alternative to actual ear piercing…but they give your child a chance to show off their personality, without leaving a permanent mark on their body. These are so cute!!

Poppy Drops come in all different styles and I am sure that your little “fashionista”, whether her ears are pierced or not, will have fun changing out, picking out and applying these adorable tiny tattoo earrings. My girls did! Plus, they make perfect little "TINY" body and fingernail tattoos too!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Poppy Drops and perhaps you’ll be ordering some for your little princess?

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