Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Kids Vapur Quencher - Filled Up And Backpack Ready!

When I pack my kid's lunches, I typically send them a juice box or bottle of water in their lunch bag, to drink when they are eating their food.  This becomes quite costly, as the year goes on, with three school goers!  Plus...what a waste, when you consider all the boxes or juice containers that just get tossed in the trash!

I am so excited to have found an option that cost $11.99, and can be used all year long, filled up...over and over again...with juice or water or whatever I want to put inside for their drinking pleasure!!  This could really save us some money!
We received this adorable Kids Vapur Quencher - "LOLLI", that our youngest daughter couldn't wait to decorate and make her own.  They come in four different characters and offer your child the opportunity to individualize their own Vapur Quencher, just the way they want it!
She got right to work with the three sheets of stickers, making a face for her quencher and then trying it out.
This Vapur Quencher is worth every cent, when I consider how much I can save, by sending with their lunches, filled up with water or juice, than having to purchase individual juice boxes for them to drink.  LOVE IT!!  Plus, when it's empty, it is flat and doesn't take up much room at all.  
She can't wait to take this to school on Monday!

CLICK HERE to check out all that Vapur offers.  
They have something for everyone in the family!

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