Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Mamma - Prenatal Vitamins With A Sweet Disposition

Sometimes, when you're pregnant, taking prenatal vitamins can be almost seem like an act of punishment.  If you're anything like me, pregnancy brings on some severe "morning sickness" symptoms, which means that I gaag often and end up throwing up a lot more often than I'd like.  So the thought of taking a vitamin that might add to those symptoms is something I'd almost rather avoid...

But then there's that looming sense of guilt that washes over you...because that growing baby inside you, needs those extra health benefits.  They need that folic acid, calcium and develop into the healthy little precious baby you will meet nine months later.  That baby is counting on you to act responsibly and take  the best care of yourself that you possibly can!  

Taking prenatal vitamins is SUPER important!

I was delighted to learn about, and get to share with you about a company that has taken prenatal vitamins and invented a "REVOLUTIONARY SWEET COATING" that makes them tolerable, even to those who are super sensitive during pregnancy.  It helps mask the odors and flavors that are packed into those powerful little vitamins!
I received a two month supply and, despite the fact that I am not pregnant, there are still benefits to taking prenatal vitamins for me.  Having had four babies in the past 11 years...I've taken prenatal vitamins almost completely straight through (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy/breastfeeding)!  They help with growing strong nails, healthy hair (because mine continues to fall out) and it's an all around healthy vitamin to take (pregnant or not).  Plus, these are super easy to take, because they are easy to swallow (the coating helps a lot).
With prenatal vitamins, I have always found that taking them at night...or any vitamins for that matter, helps with nausea during pregnancy, because you are sleeping while the vitamins are doing their magic.  Sometimes, if you take them during the can cause an upset stomach or other problems, which can simply be avoided by taking them at night time.

Baby Mamma Prenatal Vitamins also donate $1 for every bottle purchased, to help improving maternal healthy around the world.  Love companies that GIVE BACK!!

CLICK HERE to learn more or to order yourself a supply to get you through your current pregnancy or if you're planning to get start getting your body ready for pregnancy.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!