Sunday, February 10, 2013

H20 Just Add Water - The Complete Season 1 - Coming March 5th!

I have two daughters that are hooked on a cute show about three 16 year old girls, who are also MERMAIDS?  

For these three girls, life revolves around clothes, the beach and boys...and school too.  When they are accidentally stranded at sea and land on the mysterious MAKO Island, they find themselves exploring the eerie jungle covered island before becoming trapped in an ancient cavern beneath a volcano.  As they swim to safety, through an underwater channel, the light from a full moon creates a mysterious glow in the water.  After they return to the mainland, however, they discover they've undergone a transformation that will change their lives in magical ways.

This 4 disc DVD collection (as seen on Nickelodeon) offers 26 episodes of this original hit series.

My girls have really enjoyed this show, and I'll admit I do too!  It's cute, clean (which you can't find much of these days...even for teen viewing) and offers a cute little MERMAID twist in almost every episode.  There is always some sort of adventure or mystery...and they have to keep their secret behind their transformation a SECRET!!

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