Monday, February 25, 2013

Hit Some Healthy Milestones With "MOVABLE"

Everyone "desires" to be healthier, right?  No one wants an unhealthy heart!  Though sometimes, the effort it takes to reach those goals are not only uncomfortable (sometimes downright painful), but also limits our ability to freely live as we would like.  Making healthy choices in our diet is never easy...because, it's common knowledge that "UNHEALTHY" food just tastes better.  But when it all boils down to hard can getting healthy be?

I just learned about a new program that makes "reaching healthy milestones" almost as simple as strapping on a watch and doing your daily routine.
I am definitely a mommy that is motivated by visual stimulation.  If I see changes or can "MONITOR" how much effort I am putting into seems to motivate me even more.  That's why a system like this is perfect for me.  Plus, it's all about working together (with friends or family) to motivate each other too.  It's always easier to "work out" when you're doing it with SOMEONE and not alone.
When tracks your movements and your successes!
You simply register for an account & set up your profile and goals...
Charge it up...
Put it on your wrist...(and get to moving)

and then finally, give yourself some credit as you reach your goals.  Pretty will be seeing (because your band will be filling up with colorful rewards)...the true effort you have put into it.

It's sad...but even now days, our children are requiring some extra help getting motivated towards physical fitness & overall healthy activity.  Most kids would rather play video games than get out and jump rope.  This system will work for them too.  My daughter's have already been pestering me to let them wear my MOVABLE system.  They love the colorful MOVBAND and especially the fact that they too can see how much activity they have put forth in a day.  It's all about visual motivation!

Want to learn more about MOVABLE and perhaps consider this system for you or your motivate you to reach some healthy milestones this simply LIVING?  
CLICK HERE and check it out!

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