Monday, February 11, 2013

Let Clark + Kensington Premium Paint Brighten Up Your Home For SPRING!

Spring will be approaching quickly...even though in certain parts of the US, it feels like winter just arrived!  
When you think of SPRING, do you think of cleaning?  
Do you think of flowers blooming?  
Do you think of "freshening up" things around your make it a BRIGHT AND SUNNY summer?
I was so excited to have the opportunity to head to our local Ace Hardware...where I got to pick out a paint color from the Spring Pallet of Clark + Kensington Premium Interior add a little "SPRING" to our interior home decor.
I was pleased with the selection of paints they had (both interior and exterior)...and the colors are amazing too!  
How does one choose just the RIGHT color...with so many amazing options?
I watched as it got the tint added and all shook up!  
I even got some "Clark + Kensington" paint stirrers to help me keep things mixed at home too.
I chose the "APPLE TART" color in Satin finish and can't wait to use this paint to brighten up a room in our house!  I am so excited too...because this is paint & primer in one...which makes painting a room a SNAP!

What room do you think I'll be painting "APPLE TART"?  
Don't worry...that post is coming soon!
Stay tuned to see what room in our home gets a TASTE of SPRING from "Clark + Kensington" Paints!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!