Sunday, February 17, 2013 - Your One Stop ONLINE Hair Shop!

As you know...with two daughters, and a mommy that loves hair pretties too...we love finding places with reasonably priced hair accessories!  
And let me tell you...the trendier, the better too!  
I was so excited to browse the selection (they have just about every single thing you can think of) of
I was even more excited when a package arrived with an assortment (a sample) of some of their amazing products for me and the girls to check out!
This Flower Pony Holder/Pin, comes with a double duty.  You can easily put it in your hair (as you see my daughter wearing), or add a cute touch to a cardigan or plain blouse/skirt.  
And HEAVEN'S YES...the PRICE is right at only $2.99!
This DaCee Designs: Sequin Swirl Pre-tied Bandana  is perfect for those days when my hair is just not "working for me".  I can still look put together and head out to shop or run errands, without having to fuss much over my hair.  
It's only $9.99, plus...I could double as a "fortune teller" wearing this pre-tied bandana.  Hee Hee!
How adorable and how EASY to PUT ON is this Tye Dye Soft Wide Headband , which my youngest daughter absolutely loves??  It will help keep her hair out of her eyes and add a cute touch of personality to whatever she decides to wear.  
For only $5.99, this headband was a hit!
And yes...they even have an assortment of fun "COSTUME" Jewelry.  These amazing 5 Piece Metal and String Bangle Set  are the perfect addition to "fancy up" any outfit! 
 For only $5.99, I can think of so many ways these bracelets will help me complete an outfit for play or even church.

I honestly haven't even scratch the surface though...of the selection that offers!! YOU NEED TO CLICK HERE to see their entire selection of hair accessories and more!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!