Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Save1.com - You Save Money With Coupons and Help Save LIVES TOO!

In this day and age...American's love to get a good deal, a bargain, and to see that they are saving some money with their purchase. I do!  I do!  I don't know many people who love to pay FULL PRICE...for anything...just because, right?  I mean, with gas prices over $4.00 a gallon, every penny we can save...COUNTS!

So what if I told you that you can go to a website, where you can find coupons and special offers for some of your favorite retailers...(which will save you time and money) and a commission from the store where you use that coupon will go to HELP FEED HUNGRY CHILDREN around the world?  

There's no catches, hitches...just honest to goodness GOOD WILL!
I'm not joking...this is the real deal!  Plus...there is NO COST to you for using their site!  It's FREE!  No memberships & no fees!  You simply use the coupons and save yourself some money!
I love helping spread the word about companies that are truly trying to make a difference in this world...in more ways than one. SAVE1.com is helping save us (you, me and anyone else that takes out our wallets to buy food, clothing, and items for our house & family) save money...while at the same time, earning a commission from those stores we are shopping at, that goes right where people need it most!!  

Feeding partners like:
Action Against Hunger
Feeding America
Feed My Starving Children
Project Peanut Butter

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If you feel so lead...help them spread the word too!  We all love coupon websites, but this one is truly trying to take what they make and put it back into communities and organizations to make a difference in our world!!

Over 92,000 meals have been provided so far!!  

I was compensated $75.00 by posting this feature!  All words expressed are my own and are posted on my behalf to help spread the world for save1.com!