Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SPRING Arrived In Our Bathroom - Thanks Clark + Kensington

Remember how I just told you that I received a complimentary gallon of Clark + Kensington Premium Paint (I picked out the Apple Tart in Satin finish), so that we could give our home a FRESH SPRING update...?  

If you don't...CLICK HERE to refresh your memory!!

Well, today...with the help of my parents (because I am honestly a horrible "prep the room to paint" & painter), we painted the downstairs bathroom together!  
As you can see...I had done a PINTEREST project on this wall, several months ago and though I loved it...I was okay seeing it go...with the bright & fun new color of the NOW updated walls!
The paint went on great!  In fact, the built in primer made it super easy to cover over the metallic gold paint, that could have been quite a challenge to hide...with the wrong paint.
After a few hours of work...this bathroom is bright, cheerful and ready for SPRING.  

I apologize for the color of the pictures, but the flash on my camera is broke and there is no window in this bathroom for natural light.  I did the best I could to capture the color!  

I was very impressed with the quality of Clark + Kensington Premium paint!  I would recommend this paint to anyone looking to update a room, or every room in their house!  You will not be disappointed and you will be singing it's praises...because it does help you skip the priming steps for painting the walls in your home!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!