Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Urban Sparrow - Jewelry Designed And Inspired By You!

As you four children are four of my proudest accomplishments!  I am truly a blessed mommy and I love to share with the world (without saying a word sometimes) that I have four amazing kids!  
How is that possible?  
With a piece of "CUSTOM JEWELRY" of course!
When a friend of mine told me about Urban Sparrow (they create hand stamped custom jewelry), I was curious about their company.  Their logo "the art of living in the moment" seemed to captivate me.  Coming from a mommy who loves to have things planned out, living in the moment is really not me by nature!  I have a hard time, sometimes, with just being FREE!!  Perhaps this introduction to this company was happening for a reason!! this phase of my life, learning to let go (a little or a lot) is the perfect lesson to be learned!
So, after corresponding with them over e-mail, giving them some personal information about the kids, their birthday's, what is going on with me, etc...they STARTED working on my personalized and INSPIRED piece of jewelry.  Honestly...I was curious what they would come up with!  Having looked at their "in stock" gems, I had a feeling I would be very excited about the finished product!
They couldn't have done a better job putting a piece of jewelry together for me.  I LOVE IT!  The only "small" change I would have made, is putting the girl's name charm in the middle of the boys.  However, I think they did it this way, so it would hang right on my neck.  I love the heart charm too...because my four beautiful babies truly capture my heart...every single day!
Regardless...this necklace is PERFECT...just the way it is!  
Plus,  it's the perfect thing for me to wear, when my kids are not "near to me", and I will always feel close to them!  This necklace arrived at the perfect time!
I was beyond impressed by the quality, personal touch (I honestly had no idea what this piece of jewelry would look like until it was done) and customer service (excellent client communication) that Urban Sparrow offers!  I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking personalized "custom" jewelry for themselves, their mom's, grandma's, aunts, or even friends!!  

YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG ordering something special from them!

CLICK HERE to head over to their site and get started, in the process of personalizing something special...just for you!  Perhaps you will learn to appreciate the "the art of living in the moment" too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!