Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Helpful Hints To Help Women Select The Right Dress to Flatter Their Figures!

"Dress Hunting" can be almost as painful as "bathing suit" shopping can be!
Am I right or AM I RIGHT?

Finding the right style, the right fit, the right price, etc., can be super exhausting!  

Here are some helpful hints, to make this "selection process" easier...and the end result TRULY POSITIVE!

First off, says you have got to “Size Up the Situation” and figure out what parts of your body you like to accentuate (remember mom always said “accentuate the positive”), and be honest about what areas you may wish to remain anonymous to the general public (not for public viewing).   Once you have identified the above, here are some helpful hints:

Hint 1: Dark Colors & Prints - Remember that darker colors recede, making your silhouette appear smaller, and loud prints attract attention and can sometimes make you look bigger – you need to decide what effect makes you feel more confident – and then work it girlfriend!

Hint 2: Cup Runneth Over? - Cleavage can be sexy, if it’s kept in control and supported properly (Snooky, are you listening? Get those girls under control!). The right neckline (halter, V-Neck, strapless) and cut of the dress can enhance this area while still maintaining a look of class and sophistication.

Hint 3: Never Been Busted? – Don’t sweat the small stuff (get it)!  Instead, look for dresses that have embellishments, ruffles and appliques at the chest which can add volume and create the illusion of a larger bust (think Judy Bloom, “we must, we must, we must increase our busts”).

Hint 4: Create some curves – Looking for a more hour-glass, bootylicious figure, you can make your own curves by choosing a dress with a peplum skirt, belt, or empire cut waist that creates more definition at the waist (that’s right, move over Kardashian sisters!). 

Hint 5: If you’ve got them, flaunt them – Were you blessed with long, lean legs? Have you been swinging that Kettle Bell around for months toning your arms and shoulders?   Nothing shows more confidence that sharing the assets you are most proud of – think mini-lengths or strapless dresses baby!

These simple, helpful hints from, will take the frustration and fear out of selecting the perfect special occasion dress so that it will be worn with confidence and style!

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