Monday, March 11, 2013

Genesis Today - Power Rangers Samurai Juices Are A Hit!

What if I told you that you can buy juice boxes...that look like those tasty (high in fructose corn syrup) drinks...that are actually really good for you & your kids?  Would that be something you'd feel good about putting in your child's lunch bag?  Perhaps even serving for an "after the game" drink for your child's team?
I was so excited when we received some Genesis Today "Power Rangers Samurai" juice boxes.  We got to try both flavors "Berry Power Blast" & "Blueberry Power Blast". Their cool outer packaging hides the fact that, inside this little box, is a drink with NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, has vitamins and DHA too.
The best part...the kids had NO IDEA (none) that they are healthy for them!  In fact, our neighbor kid kept saying, "this juice is amazing!"  They sucked them down quickly and were totally refreshed (we had been outside playing).  SCORE!!  They were happy and I didn't feel the least bit guilty giving them each one to drink down! 
The rest went in the fridge for school lunches and after school snacks for the week!  
I'll be looking for more at Walmart or Whole Foods!  

Want to learn more about these "HEALTHY" juice box alternatives?  
CLICK HERE and check it out!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!