Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...

It is sad to me that Easter is SUPER commercialized...just like Christmas.  Even our kids, who know the true reason why we celebrate Easter...seem to get more excited about the "basket & candy" they will receive, than the GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE we are able to receive because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross for us.
LET US not forget why we celebrate remembering "GOOD FRIDAY" and what exactly JESUS did on that day, so many, many years ago.  The horrific process He had to go taking on our sin and dying because of it.
What an even more AMAZING LOVE!

In years past, the kid's EASTER baskets have been over the top...and this year, I am pleased that they are still getting baskets, but they are far less invested.  In fact, I am not even putting candy (or anything) in the eggs that will be hidden...because the TOMB on EASTER MORNING was empty, right?  I have a feeling, there will be a small sense of disappointment, that I am hoping will be, in turn, filled with the happiness and TRUE JOY of the GIFT we all received because of the EASTER Morning...when JESUS rose from the grave.