Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gray Hair "GO AWAY" - With Cosamo "Love Your Color" Hair Color

PURE WHITE hairs are becoming predominately more noticeable in my head full of "now thinning", middle aged hair.  I can't believe it and I am simply not old enough (at least in my mind) to embrace them quite yet.  Having them noticed by my children or friends can be quite embarrassing.
I was just introduced to a hair color line that will not only help me "HIDE" those "AGE HAIRS", but also is less harmful to the overall health of my hair.  SCORE!!
There are a few upsides of this Cosamo "Love Your Hair" Hair Color
 It is Peroxide and Ammonia free, which means that it does less damage to your hairs overall health.  
It is non-permanent (so if it's a color you hate, it washes away in 6-12 shampoos).  
And as with most hair colors, it adds some extra volume to your overall hair style.  
Plus, you're done in about 20 minutes and it comes with an "after" conditioner as well.
There is a pretty big downside too.  
Because it's non-permanent, this means that upkeep of those "AGE HAIRS" is more demanding.  If your hair is anything like mine and grows fairly quickly (chalking that up to vitamins), then this might not be your PERMANENT choice for hair color.  

Overall, I was impressed with the Cosamo "Love Your Hair" Hair Color and would recommend this for friends who especially have hair that has been extremely damaged by "OVER TREATMENT" and could use a little break from the permanent hair dye option.  

I know, for me, it's nice to give my hair a little break from time to time...without letting those WHITE HAIR'S sparkle and shine!

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!